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Walther PP WWII

Walther PP WWII "ersatz" grips

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An excellent reproduction of the "ersatz" ("substitute") wood grips that were used on the late WWII Walther PP pistols. They were developed to save the valuable plastic material used for the standard grips, and were only used for a short time in a seemingly random fashion. Original grips of this type are near impossible to find, so here is your chance to get this rare style grips for your WWII Walther PP.

These grips are made of beech, and have been finished with stain and a light coat of oil to resemble a mint, slightly aged original set. The originals were hastily and cheaply made, so every set has a slightly different grain and coloration just like they did back in 1944-1945. They are easy to "antique" if you want to match the condition of your gun. Comes with grip screw.

Our line of reproduction WWII grips is now available directly from the manufacturer, please visit to order!