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Rare WWII German issue holster for Astra 600

Rare WWII German issue holster for Astra 600

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The WWII holsters for Astra 600 are very rare and don't come up for sale often. The pattern is very similar to the P.38 holster, but it's easily recognizable by the lack of P.38 markings on the back. The only marking we have found is a partially obscured maker's stamp, which indicates that this is a genuine, German issue WWII holster. Another indicator is the stitching on the closure strap, which was changed to a drop shaped pattern on the more common post war holsters.

This holster has some obvious issues, but it is still a very representative and collectible example of a rare holster. We have not made any attempts to enhance or repair it, but we do have resources for professional leather restoration if the buyer decides to go that route.

It also includes the Astra 600 magazine that came with it. Sold as is.